Tips to Successful Teen Bodybuilding

As discussed in part one, teen bodybuilding can start at a very young age allowing young fitness enthusiasts a whole new world to pursue. Teen bodybuilding is an excellent way to promote a healthy lifestyle since it requires regular weight training, cardiovascular training, balanced nutrition and even stimulation of the mind since the topic of teen bodybuilding involves constant education. Teen bodybuilding can also help you erase nicknames like “Skinny Mini,” “Scrawny,” “Tooth Pick,” “Twiggy,” and in my own personal case, “Skinny Vinny!”

Unfortunately teen bodybuilding is not as easy as it looks and can result in injury, bad habits and frustration if stated with out structure and progression. Here are the next five tips to successful teen bodybuilding:

6. Learn Proper Technique First

How well do you think you would golf without supervision? How well do you think you will skate without coaching? How well do you think you will play piano without lessons? How much muscle do you think you will build without proper lifting technique? Not much!

I hope you are humble enough to swallow your pride and accept the fact that your first step should be getting professional coaching from a reputable fitness trainer. I know many of your friends will not even consider this and you will be told, ‘just learn it yourself,’ or ‘watch others.’ Can you imagine a medical surgeon or dentist who took this approach? Yikes!

Think about it. You are going to be lifting weights the rest of your life. Is spending a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars, on a professional fitness trainer, not going to pay you back over and over (for the rest of your life) if you do things correctly right from the start? Definitely! If you start lifting weights incorrectly, get ready to spend the money you saved on a coach for a rehab therapists next vacation! If you don’t get injured now, most likely it will be in the next few years.

7. Stretch Just As Much As You Lift

Stretching is the most under rated physical quality which is unfortunate because shortened muscles perform weaker and slower and have a higher incidence of injury. Stretching is the only physical quality which more is better. Stretching is one of the only habits that can not be over trained.

If you are serious about getting into the world of teen bodybuilding, I encourage you to start this habit early. Most text books teach stretching methods that include 20-30 seconds per stretch. Don’t even waste your time if this is your idea of stretching. From real world, in the trenches, experience, I would suggest stretching at least the same amount of time that you lift. That means, for every 1 hour of weight training you perform, you must balance the effect of weight training with one hour of stretching. Therefore, if you weight train 4 hours in the week, you better be stretching for at least 4 hours in the week. If you are really lazy, start stretching for at least half the amount of time that you lift. After you see the benefits of increased strength, quicker recovery and less injuries I am sure you will have no problem bumping up your stretching sessions to the recommend 1:1 ratio.

Fail to stretch at least the same amount that you lift is almost a sure fire way of shortening a teen bodybuilding career or lifestyle. Remember, weight training shortens and tightens the connective tissue you train. Stretching counters the effect and ensures your muscles have room to grow!

8. Focus On Bodyweight Strength First

It amazes me at how many teen bodybuilders can barely do a set of 40 push ups, 20 chin ups and 30 dips. In my opinion, these are some standard upper body fitness tests that should be accomplished with ease before loading is introduced (it might take your 3 or 4 months to achieve this if you can’t do them right now). I once heard a famous fitness coach say, “You have no freaking business using a load if you can’t stabilize, control, and move efficiently using your own bodyweight.” I would have to fully agree.

What’s the point of a sloppy 150 pound lat pulldown if you can’t do 10 bodyweight pull ups? What’s the point of a 185 pound bench press with microscopic range reps, if you can push up your body a couple dozen times? What’s the point of a 500 pound leg press if you can do a set of one legged squats down to the floor? Believe me, after a few months of conditioning your body to body weight training, you will be blown away by how quickly your weights climb when you introduce loading.

9. Keep Your Workouts Under 1 Hour

Unless you are in a teen bodybuilding competition for the longest workout possible, it bewilders my mind what you could possibly be doing for longer than a hour! Unless you go to the gym for mirror workouts (that’s when you spend more time looking in the mirror than actually lifting)I suggest getting some help with your workout program. If it takes longer than 20-30 minutes of even moderate intensity lifting to fully exhaust a muscle, I have to question your workout intensity. Shorter more intense workouts will always trump longer less intense workouts.

Your goal should be in fact to complete your workout faster and faster. This will force your muscles to condition and adapt to a greater work load. The more work you expose your muscles too, in a shorter amount of time will improve your muscle density. Your bodies ability to tolerate greater workloads.

10. Develop Full Range Of Motion

Initially, teen bodybuilding should involve building strong muscular attachments, tendons, ligaments and bones – text books refer this as anatomical adaptation. Look at building your muscles as the finishing touches on a solid house. You would not want to start framing the house until the foundation has been built. Strengthening your tendons, ligaments and bones would be considered building a strong foundation to build from.

What is the best way to begin a strong foundation for a house to stand on? Build from the bottom up or in our case, from the inside out. This means developing a full range of motion with each weight training exercise to ensure all the muscle fiber gets activated and all the supporting tissues are fully involved.

Think about it. Partial movements will only develop partial muscle. Full movements will develop full muscle. What would get you better results? Squatting 135 pounds with your butt to the floor or squatting 225 pounds for about ¼ of the way? That’s correct, involving the entire range of motion with a lighter weight will involve more musculature, improve your mind-muscle connection quicker and strengthen all the supporting tissues more rapidly. Initially, as a teen bodybuilder, you should never sacrifice range for load.


If you are serious about doing teen bodybuilding safely and effectively than take all of the tips very seriously. Do not pick and choose the ones you wish to follow. They will all result in a long and fruitful bodybuilding lifestyle.

Fitness Gadgets

fitness-gadgetsFitness is something that each of us seems to be striving towards in varying degrees.

It is that time of the year when most of us jot down a huge list of to-dos and new year resolutions promising to rise up early in the morning and hitting the gym. We seem to have the conviction and determination of a Gladiator when we make these commitments to ourselves, and some actually go through with it. Though after a week of dragging ourselves to the gym, most of us seem to feel like the Greek god Atlas carrying the weight of the entire world on our shoulders. And then, there’s procrastinating, some more procrastinating about procrastinating, and then reassuring ourselves of seeing the task through before our next birthday, family get together, cousin’s wedding, or the next new year.

We’ve all been through this at some stage or the other, and for most of us, exercising surely seems to be one Herculean task. While all the references to the Greek gods might seem outdated and foreign, the solution to the problem at hand couldn’t be more ultra-modern and ‘up our street’ than this―technology. No, we aren’t talking about any treatment to go from flab-to-fab in a month, but instead having a new-age companion by your side who can make working out an absolute treat. These are simple minimalistic fitness devices that are surprisingly effective in motivating us to do better, and help us keep a log of our progress. So, if the prospect of finally delivering on your new year resolution sounds alluring to you, here’s a list of the top 5 fitness gadgets available in the market today.

Nike+ FuelBand
The Nike+ FuelBand is probably one of the most stylish and popular fitness gadgets in the market today. The band takes a rather simple approach to helping you along as you go about your routine giving you simple to understand messages to tell you about your progress. It uses its built-in three-axis accelerometer to track your physical activities like the steps taken, distance covered, etc. You can choose to set a daily target, and the 20 LED lights change color from red to green depending on your progress, every now and again displaying words of encouragement to help motivate you. The watch syncs with the Nike+ website, using its in-built USB. You can also connect to a dedicated iPhone app and track your progress on your mobile. The FuelBand makes it to the top of our list for its simple, yet effective way of tracking your daily activities and its innovative display.

Jawbone UP24
This band has a rather quirky, yet ergonomic design and makes quite a fashion statement without compromising on comfort. As the name suggests, the UP24 tracks your activities through the day, right from your calories burned to your sleep pattern. The band suffers due to the lack of a built-in screen to check your progress on the go. It, however, makes up for it, to an extent, with a very useful and feature-rich computer app. It can also sync with a dedicated app on your iPhone via Bluetooth. The UP24 uses a proprietary USB cable for data syncing with your computer. This is one of the most feature-rich fitness gadget in the market today, but missing out on the top spot for the lack of a display.

Adidas SmartRun
Apart from tracking your every move and counting the calories that you burn, the SmartRun also tracks your heart rate without the need for additional equipment. The face of the watch features a touchscreen which helps you navigate through the many apps on it. You could also choose to use a Bluetooth headset with the watch, and stream music or get some coaching tips while you train. You can also view strength-training animations on the screen of the watch. The SmartRun syncs wirelessly with your computer, and helps you track your progress on it. The SmartRun is a really smart and handy fitness device, and has some real cool features to help you on your way towards fitness. The only thing that goes against it is the fact that it is a little too clunky and looks rather ordinary.

Fitbit Force
The Fitbit Force is a cross between a fitness band and a smartwatch. The stylish Force does a fine job of tracking the distance you cover, calories burnt, steps climbed, and tracks your sleep pattern. Apart from these basic functions, it doubles up as a watch and even notifies you about an incoming call on a paired phone. It syncs seamlessly with both Android and iOS devices, and also has a useful PC app. The band has some rather basic functions and a very small screen. It, however, makes up for its flaws by displaying call notifications from the supported device.

Withings Pulse
The Pulse is amongst the tinniest and perhaps the most versatile amongst all fitness gadgets in the market today. Apart from packing a pedometer and a sleep tracker, it also includes a heart rate monitor. It syncs effortlessly with Android and iOS devices via a Micro USB cable, although it does not sync with PCs. The Pulse also supports a lot of third-party apps, making it extremely popular amongst fitness enthusiasts. The Pulse is one nifty device and packs a lot of features. It’s Achilles heel, however, is the fact that it is a little too small and can easily be misplaced.

Besides these, other smartwatches like Samsung Galaxy Gear and Pebble Watch also make for great fitness gadgets. These, however, rely on their paired smartphones for most of their functions. Armed with these smart devices, you can easily be on track to regain your fitness. With just the right amount of determination, motivation, and perspiration, you might well be on your way to attaining the body you always wanted to have. Cheers.

Best Shoulder Workout for Mass

Shoulder sessions are fantastic to assist obtaining massive, complete, spherical shoulders. An individual who has huge shoulders and traps commands respect and search effective. They are 1 of the handful of muscle mass teams that seems fantastic even when you are wearing tops like t-shirts or jumpers.

Back again in the ‘golden age’ of bodybuilding the shoulders were think about by several to be one of the most crucial physique components. Bodybuilders expended hours on the military press, pushing really hefty fat, in the desire of getting some excellent shoulders.

For example one of the best pure shoulder exercises for mass is the push press. The push press is just like the military press except you get to use your legs a little bit in the initial portion of the lift. This allows you to lift more weight overhead. When you do this exercise, it’s best to do them as fast and explosively as possible. The pressing muscles of the upper body respond best to high volume, high intensity, and heavy weighted workouts so the push press would be a perfect choice if you want to develop some mass.

Another great exercise that don’t get touched upon a lot that would give you a nice set of shoulders is basically dead lifts. Such dead lifts are traditionally seen as the upper back exercise, but they are brutally effective in hitting your traps, thickening up your neck, and add mass to your rear deltoids and entire upper body region since a lot of these major muscles have to isometrically contract to keep everything in place. These lifts are the same as regular dead lifts except you pull the whole weight from a pool of pins so the mass is off the ground. It shortens your range of motion, allowing you to traditionally lift heavier weights. By pulling and pressing heavier weights over time, you will no doubt build an impressive physique and a large pile of weight on your upper body.

Now that we have taken care of the heavy mass builders, let’s start focusing on the smaller muscle groups such as the lateral head of your deltoids and the rear head. Now the next exercise that I’m going to recommend is something that you definitely have seen before, but possibly never attempted this way of executing it before.

So the next exercise that I would recommend is one arm lateral raises. The big difference is that you are going to be using a much heavier weight than normal and a little body English. A lot of people only use light weights for this exercise, which I don’t understand why because it’s a muscle just like any other. I remember hearing a big time top pro bodybuilder specifically using only these in his workouts to really bring up his delts and even out his shoulders. He said they worked perfectly. So this what you’re going to do is pick up a heavier than normal dumbbell that you would usually use for this exercise, hold it by your side then dip with the legs slightly and raise the dumbbell all the way up to shoulder level. Try and pause for a brief second to get a maximum contraction and slowly lower the weight back down emphasizing the negative portion of the rep

The last exercise that I would recommend to really develop your rear deltoids is face pulls. So what I want you to do is set up the rope attachment inside of the pulley system and raise it to around eye level. From there, take an overhand grip with your palms facing down and your hands all the way at the closure of the rope by the knot. Slowly step back until the weight plates are off the sack and pull the rope towards your chin splitting it at the end of the contraction where you feel it the most in your upper back and rear deltoids. Slowly return all the way down and repeat the sequence.

All in all I hope you enjoyed these 4 shoulder exercises for mass. It might be a little different than what you might have been assuming but they definitely work and they’ll pack on the mass in a short amount of time. Just make sure to press heavy and fast with a lot of volume. Don’t always go to failure and make sure to really hit the targeted muscle.

Bodybuilding Tips for Women

Though women bodybuilding seems to be a much hyped sport, achieving a well toned body is no easy job. Besides following bodybuilding workouts for women, they also need to concentrate on their diet. Women cannot gain muscles simply by performing weight training exercises. An effective diet plan should also be incorporated in bodybuilding programs for women in order to get the desired result.

Bodybuilding Diet for Women

Bodybuilding that involves gaining muscles and strength, cannot be achieved without a proper diet. Daily calorie intake of a bodybuilding diet should also be monitored as excess calorie consumed will get converted into fat. Also, women, due to their anatomy, tend to store more fat than men. Therefore, the diet should be low in fat and cholesterol.

As we all know, muscles consists of proteins, so it is very important to have a high protein diet. To gain extra muscles, intake of proteins in sufficient amounts is essential. Proteins play a crucial role, not only to gain muscles, but also to repair damaged muscle tissues that may occur during exercise.

Diet Plan

A diet for women must be rich in healthy foods and there is no place for junk foods. Keep in mind, having 2 meals daily will certainly not fulfill bodybuilding nutrition. As women need to perform heavy weight training exercises to build muscles, adequate supply of nutrients is necessary from time to time. However, this is not possible by simply taking 2 meals. Instead, having 5-6 meals, each meal containing the right combination of high quality proteins and carbohydrates, can surely assist a woman’s bodybuilding goals. Firstly, carbohydrate intake should decrease gradually as the day progresses , whereas the amount of proteins in each meal should remain constant as they are crucial to stimulate muscle growth.

Diet Structure

As aforementioned, bodybuilders need to follow a balanced diet that is composed of 5-6 meals per day. This diet format is important to satisfy the increased energy needs of the body. A rigorous training routine for muscle-building requires higher calorie intake, which can be achieved by following a diet rich in carbohydrates and healthy proteins. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner should include these nutrients in appropriate proportions. A detailed structure of pre-contest bodybuilding diet for women is given below:

Breakfast: Eggs, being a rich protein source can be included in the breakfast. Egg whites, and fruits for carbohydrates can be ideal for breakfast. Women can also eat whole wheat toast bread and a slice of cheese (low-fat), for breakfast. Fish or broiled chicken are also a good choice for breakfast, as these foods are high in proteins.

Lunch: A lower fat lunch is important but make sure it is packed with proteins. Tuna fish is certainly preferred by many women bodybuilders during lunch. A tuna sandwich made from wheat bread can definitely serve the purpose. Tomato and lettuce slices, along with low-fat yogurt, can also be eaten during lunch.

Dinner: As proteins are an integral part of a bodybuilding diet, women can have salmon or broiled chicken during lunch. Ensure that the chicken is not baked or fried. Salmon, also referred to as the perfect bodybuilding food, provides high protein quality. Having 5-6 pieces of salmon, supplemented by fresh steamed vegetables or baked potato can be an ideal combination for lunch.

The other 2-3 meals should consists of fruits and cheese. Protein shakes (bodybuilding supplements) in between meals( especially after a workout) are popular choice for bodybuilders. Drinking sufficient water can have a positive effect on bodybuilding as well. Women serious about bodybuilding need to consume 8-10 glasses of water daily to stay well hydrated.

Although bodybuilding diets are high in protein, women need to consume lean protein that can be obtained from eggs, broiled chicken, or fish. Also, protein consumption has to between 0.8-1.0 gm of protein, per pound a woman weighs. Including vegetables and fruits in every meal is equally important for sufficient intake of carbohydrates and to increase energy levels. Diets for women bodybuilders should never contain carbonated beverages. Instead, water and green tea can be a good option to enhance fluid intake.

Bodybuilding diets work only when they contain proteins and carbohydrates in appropriate amounts. Also, besides diet, proper bodybuilding diet, join a weight training program to promote muscle growth.

Bodybuilding Supplements Effects

Are you trying to build up muscles and have started taking bodybuilding supplements? In that case, you should be aware of bodybuilding supplements side effects. Read this article to know more.

odybuilding supplements are usually consumed by athletes and those who wish to increase their muscle mass. These also improve their performance in sports. But, it is necessary to do a bit of research before opting for any supplement, as they increase the muscle mass drastically in a very short span of time, which might prove to be either futile or harmful. Some of the supplements are obtained from natural products, which do not cause much harm to our body if taken in small quantities. However, excessive consumption harms our system, as the body cannot get rid of the excess oil-based vitamins present in them. One must remember that every supplement has its own side effects. The fact is that if we follow a proper diet, exercise regularly, and take rest, we do not really require these supplements. Following is a list of various dietary supplements for muscle building along with their side effects.


It is believed to be the most popular supplement ever since it came into the market. Creatine is mostly taken by bodybuilders and sports persons. It is available in both powdered and capsule form. The dosage prescribed to a healthy person is 5-20 grams per day. Creatine is an organic acid that is already present in our muscle cells. It absorbs water from different organs of our body and deposits it into the muscle cells. As a result, there is a lack of water supply to other organs and they suffer from dehydration, thereby causing cramps. One of the dangers of this chemical is the piling up of extra calories. It increases the muscle energy and the body starts gaining weight at an unhealthy rate. Another side effect of creatine is that it causes kidney problems. It has been noted that its long-term use transforms kidney stones into ulcer. Other complications of the kidney have also been seen in people consuming more creatine. It also causes stomach cramps, nausea, and other such problems, and increases the reproducible rate of tumor cells. If you are already suffering from nephritic problems, you should consult a doctor before taking this particular supplement.


Caffeine is a stimulant, the dosage of which is ideally 300 mg per day. It is considered to be a comparatively safe supplement when consumed in moderate amounts. Bodybuilders take large doses of caffeine in order to obtain more energy for a rigorous workout regime. Some of the side effects of this chemical are palpitation, nervousness, and diarrhea. Too much consumption of caffeine may also cause acute dehydration, insomnia, and restlessness.


Andro hormones are converted to testosterone in our body, which influence the growth of muscles. These are taken by the athletes for muscle building. The dosage recommended for these supplements is 200 mg per day. Some of the side effects are baldness, facial hair growth, and sometimes even breast cancer. Sexual dysfunction can also be a side-effect as a result of testosterone boosting. Andro supplements cause reduced sex drive in men and increased sex hormones in females. It can interrupt the menstrual cycle in females.


Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid that is innately present in our muscles. It aids in building the muscle tissue. Dosage for glutamine consumption for athletes is 5-15 grams per day. Excess consumption of this supplement may result in manic depression, upset stomach, nausea, lack of concentration, body ache, and it often affects the brain as well.

Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide is a naturally occurring compound present in our body. It increases the muscle mass by providing more nutrients to the skeletal muscles. It is taken by professional bodybuilders and sports persons. It is better to consult a physician before taking any dosage of nitric oxide,as overdose can cause nausea, headache, and migraine. Harmful side effects include severe breathing problems, asthma, and weakness. Another side effect is rapid heart rate, palpitation, and some other health problems.

Other Supplements

Thermogenic supplements, whey protein, multivitamin, and mineral supplements can also be taken to increase muscle mass. Higher dose of thermogenic supplements leads to palpitation, nervousness, and behavioral changes. Side effects of whey protein include allergic reactions, liver damage, and kidney stones. Excess dose of multivitamins causes headaches, muscle ache, and dehydration. High dosage of minerals may lead to an upset stomach, muscle weakness, constipation, and so on.

Bodybuilders should be cautious about the side effects of the supplements they take. The components present in proteins are aspartame, saccharin, fructose, and artificial colors. These supplements are sweetened with chemicals rather than natural sweeteners, which is not good for our health. Aspartame, on breaking down, produces formic acid and formaldehyde, which damage the nerve cells. Long term use of whey protein damages the liver and also causes renal problems.

The side effects of these supplements may differ from person to person. therefore, it is always better to consult a doctor before consuming them. If at all required, it is always better to find out all the positives and negatives of the supplement and then consume it, that too in prescribed doses. After all, health is the greatest wealth.

Natural Bodybuilding Tips and Techniques for Men

bodybuildingEffective bodybuilding is possible if one follows proper methods and instructions. Here are some bodybuilding workout and diet tips for men.

A well built body is one of the greatest assets of a man. If you too wish to have a well chiseled body, you should lose weight and go for bodybuilding. If you are a beginner, then you definitely should go through the following tips before beginning your regimen. These are the basic tips that should be followed by bodybuilders in order to reach their goal.

Natural Bodybuilding Tips and Techniques

Losing weight is necessary before going for muscle building activity. Therefore, if you are obese or overweight, you need to first reduce weight by following a weight loss program. Bodybuilding should be undertaken only at the gym under the supervision of a certified trainer. The nutritionist will help you chalk out a diet plan that you need to follow regularly.

Diet Tips

  • You need to consume the required amounts of calories. You will require a healthy high calorie diet if you are working out extensively.
  • Your diet should be high in protein as it is required for building muscles. But at the same time, you also need to include good amounts of carbohydrates and minute amounts of fats to gain energy.
  • All fatty and junk food should be completely excluded from the diet since it contains excess fats and cholesterol which leads to weight gain.
  • It is essential to keep the body hydrated, and hence, one should drink sufficient amounts of water. Alcohol should be cut down from the diet as it leads to dehydration and weight gain.
  • Proteins in different forms like protein shakes, protein drinks, eggs, pulses, fish, etc., should be consumed post workout. There are also several brands of muscle building supplements for men that can be used on consulting your nutritionist.

Exercise Tips

  • One should have a specific exercise pattern and not try out different (all) exercises, weight training methods at the same time, as it can lead to injury.
  • Cardiovascular exercises, strength training, lifting weight, etc., all three are essential if you wish to build muscles.
  • Bodybuilding workouts usually last for 40-60 minutes every day.
  • Bodybuilding workouts should be divided into different sets and done alternately. This way, workout doesn’t get boring and monotonous. Your instructor will inform you about the same.
  • A warm up or stretching should be done at the beginning of the workout and NEVER at the end. This way, your body becomes flexible, and hence, it is easier to carry out further workouts.
  • If you experience pain or discomfort of any kind while performing any of the workouts, you should inform the trainer immediately, stop the workout, and take proper treatment. Ignoring the pain can aggravate the condition.

Lastly, along with these diet and exercise tips, you should also remember that sleep or rest (for a complete day) and motivation is equally important to succeed in building muscles effectively

Workout Meal Tips

With regards to pressing on pounds of strong muscle, it is critical that you expend the most ideal pre workout meal. An all around adjusted pre workout meal will permit you to discharge a constant flow of vitality all through your exercise centre session, keep your body in an anabolic state, and guarantee you are performing at your crest quality. Nonetheless, in the event that you neglect to expend the right supplements before your workout, you couldn’t just need quality and vitality yet you will at last be sent into a catabolic state and experience the ill effects of muscle wastage.

Before we go straight into what supplements make up the best pre workout meal to fuel your exceptional workout, one critical guideline is that you should be hydrated. Ensure you are drinking a decent measure of water for the duration of the day. Despite how idealize your pre workout dinner might have been, whether you are not legitimately hydrated you will be doing your workout a tremendous shamefulness.

Your pre workout diet is best taken around 45 minutes to 1 hour before your workout. Thusly you can abstain from feeling sick since you would have given the nourishment enough time to settle. It is essential that you never skirt this feast on preparing days. Likewise, you need to ensure that you don’t make this supper so huge that you feel to a great degree full or bloated.

For a strong post workout meal, carbs are pretty much as critical as protein. This is one of only a handful few times it is perfect to take in quick processing carbs. An extensive dosage of carbs after a workout is vital for two reasons. One, carbs are going to recharge muscle glycogen that was lost amid the workout. This is going to give the vitality to the following workout. Furthermore, quick processing carbs cause an insulin spike which is a strong anabolic operator. Flipping from a catabolic state to an anabolic state is basic for additions. Nectar is one of the best carb hotspots for post workout since it is a characteristic and is accessible basically anyplace.

A standout amongst the most overlooked yet critical supplements to expend post workout sustenance is water. Yes, water is a supplement that makes up a huge bit of the body’s mass and is used in innumerable metabolic responses inside of the body. Water is not just lost through sweat, it is likewise lost amid activity during the time spent the body making new vitality. Whenever working out, H20 is separated in the development of ATP. This is the reason parchedness disables quality fundamentally, also blood volume and bulk. Be that as it may, there is a whole other world to hydration than simply water.

Foods for Energy Health and Fitness

You’re the kind of person who works out two or three times a day, or if you’re working mother hoping to sneak into a fitness routine driver before or after work, what you eat before exercise ultimately determines the quality of your workout.
Some experts believe that protein is the perfect food fuel pre-workout “while others believe that it is carbohydrates, as such, it is important to experiment and discover what foods help provide energy, and foods that do not .
Here are 9 foods that are known to help fuel workouts and give you more energy:
1. Fresh fruit
Eat fruit before your regular routine will leave you refreshed and energized, and can also help you burn fat more quickly.
Bananas are known to help boost your metabolism because they contain potassium and may also help regulate the amount of water is in your body and keep your nerve and muscle function. Citrus fruits contain much vitamin C, which can help to dilute the fat in your body. Apples and berries are also a great source of pectin, which has water binding properties that help reduce the amount of fat cells to absorb.
Try making a fruit salad, or if you have a blender you can whip up a delicious fruit smoothie.

2. Eggs
Boiled, scrambled, fried, or even before … Eggs are a great energy booster. They can also be combined with fish, meat or vegetables to make a tasty omelet.
A single egg is said to contain six grams of “high quality” of the nine essential amino acids and proteins. And though experts say that the egg yolk is full of fat and cholesterol, egg yolk contains about 300 micrograms of choline, which is an important nutrient that helps regulate the cardiovascular system and nervous system.

3. Chicken
Chicken is positioned as one of the top favorite foods for body builders because of the “potential to build muscle, and experts say that eating chicken can actually give your body up to 40 percent of the requirements for vitamins days. Chicken also contains proteins and carbohydrates and healthy fats.

4. Oatmeal
Oats are rich in carbohydrates fiber and nutrients, and is known to help maintain energy levels during training. Scientific studies have shown that people who eat more oats are less likely to develop heart disease.
Try to avoid eating instant oatmeal packets that come in different flavors, and simply choose oatmeal instead. Also, mix oatmeal with milk instead of water you an extra boost of calcium and protein, and add other fruits like blueberries or strawberries to the mix.

5. Yogurt
Research has shown that eating yogurt can actually improve your immune system, and comes highly recommended by experts, especially if you’re the type of weightlifting or cardio.
Yogurt can leave refreshed and contains many proteins and carbohydrates, and is also known to help prevent bad bacteria. It also provides your body with important nutrients like calcium and vitamin B2, and contains magnesium, which is a great energy booster, as it activates the enzymes related to metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates.

6. Seafood
Seafood, whether it be the salmon, shrimp, or cod, is rich in various proteins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. It is also believed that it may help relieve symptoms and inflammation caused by arthritis, and helps build muscles and tissues of the body.
Studies have shown that consumption of seafood (in small quantities) can actually help lower blood pressure and heart disease risk. (Obviously, some of fatty fish per week can reduce the risk of heart attack by 50-70 percent!)

7. Turkey
Turkey is a rich source of protein and a single piece of Turkey can offer really your body with adequate amounts of protein pre-workout. Turkey also contains selenium, which is known to help improve your metabolism and immune system.

8. Trail Mix
Eat a half cup of trail mix that contains nuts, seeds and dried foods, can help give the extra boost of energy before your workout. Trail mix is a good source of phosphorus (known to promote muscle growth) and zinc (which helps speed the healing of muscles). However, you should try to avoid eating any kind of trail mix that has M & Ms or other sugary ingredients.

9. Vegetables
This should be obvious to every health nut, but still needs to emphasize the importance of vegetables in your diet.
Vegetables are low in fat but still contains many vitamins and minerals necessary for your body. The vegetables also contain many antioxidants that help protect the body against diseases and stress.
Experts have suggested that eating about 5-7 servings of vegetables each day and try to understand how a variety of natural colors as you can. green vegetables, yellow and orange contains all rich sources of calcium, potassium and magnesium, and many nutrients.

Healthy Eating Habits That Fit into Your Lifestyle

Our overall health and well-being depends on what we eat. Food is the main source to get an adequate amount of nutrients that are essential for normal growth and functioning of the body. Hence, it is very important to develop eating habits for good health and physical fitness.

Your diet should be healthy and balanced. It should consist of adequate amounts of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fibers. You should include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits as well as dairy products in your daily diet. Generally, it should be low in fats and rich in proteins and carbohydrates.
Healthy Eating Tips
A key to healthy eating is the time-tested advice of variety, balance and moderation. You should eat a variety of foods without gaining excessive calories or any of nutrients. Here are some useful tips for healthy eating:

More than 40 different nutrients are required for normal growth and functioning of the body. Our daily meals should contain whole-grain products, fresh vegetables and fruits, poultry, dairy products, fish, meat and other protein foods. Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals and low in fats, sodium and calories. Most vegetables contain and antioxidants phytochemicals, which prevent some chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancers.

Don’t skip a breakfast. After not eating anything for past 10-12 hours during night, our body requires food to boost the energy levels. Your breakfast should consist of fruits and a glassful of milk or fresh fruit juice. Avoid eating oily, high calorie snacks in breakfast.

Your lunch should be the largest meal of the day. Start every meal with a low-fat starter including soup, salad, broth or a glass of water. Your lunch should include enough quantity of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Include some raw vegetables and fruits in your lunch. Eat slowly and take care that you are not eating more than required. Your lunch should be followed by a fruit juice or fruit salad.

We all need some snacks in between two meals. So choose the snacks very carefully. Avoid eating junk foods, which lack in nutrients and contain high calories. Instead, select some healthy snacks such as vegetables, fruits, cottage cheese with applesauce, low fat yogurt, whole-wheat crackers or some trail mix. Dietary sugars can be replaced with no-calorie sweeteners.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. It keeps your body hydrated. It is also helpful for body cleanse and weight loss.

If you keep a reasonable serving size, then it’s easy to eat adequate quantity of food and stay healthy. Excess eating can give rise to a number of health problems, including obesity.

If you are trying for weight loss, then don’t go for crash diets or don’t totally eliminate certain foods. You can reduce the foods that are rich in sugar, fat or salt. You can choose skim or low fat dairy products. If you are going to do some changes in your diet, then do it gradually. Sudden changes can give rise to food allergies.

Always remember, no food is good or bad. It’s up to you how to balance the variety of foods. Adopt healthy habits for good health and physical fitness, leading to a cheerful, healthy life.

Metabolic Cooking Review

Metabolic cooking is a fat loss nutrition program by Dave Ruel and Karine Losier. Their motto is that eating healthy does not have to be plain and boring. This program claim helps both  males and females to lose fat, increase their metabolism, and improve their physique through proper nutrition and tasty and healthy meals.  If you combine these receipes to some active expercise program, you will be begin to both look and feel much better.
In this Metabolic Cooking Review, I will cover what the program is about, what to expect, and if it delivers the results. I will also be taking some of the recipes for a test drive myself, so check back with updates as I review a few of the recipes.  I may be even post some Youtube videos about theses receipes.

About the Authors
Dave Ruel is a successful fitness cook, bodybuilder, fitness enthusiast, and popular author of several health and fitness books including Anabolic Cooking.  Dave is always looking for new recipes and nutrition tips to help others lose fat and stay healthy. Dave is always willing to answer your fitness questions and will definitely get you motivated to get in the best shape of your life.

Karine Losier known as the ‘Lean Kitchen Queen’ has a strong passion for food, fitness, and culinary adventures. She also has a Masters Psychology Degree, which helps her understand the psychological issues that people have with their weight and image and the importance of nutrition and a healthy diet.Together they provide a lethal combination for helping anyone to tackle fat loss and cook healthy and tasty meals.
You may be concern of what is Metabolic Cooking?
Metabolic cooking is jammed packed full of healthy metabolism boosting recipes and a complete nutrition guide.  These receipes on just healty, but are tasty too.

I can first  start off with a complete nutrition guide of over 50 pages which introduces you to the philosophy of the Metabolic Nutri-Profile and how this will promote fat loss. You will also learn about the different foods and how to create a well-balanced meal plan which promotes fat loss.

The Nutri-Profile is designated by F (Fats), P (Protein), C (Carbs), and V (Vegetables). Metabolic Cooking Review
The bulk of Metabolic Cooking is its vast amounts of nutritious and tasty recipes.    Stay tune to see the program recipe books, each with 20-40 recipes in future articles.