Bodybuilding Tips for Women

Though women bodybuilding seems to be a much hyped sport, achieving a well toned body is no easy job. Besides following bodybuilding workouts for women, they also need to concentrate on their diet. Women cannot gain muscles simply by performing weight training exercises. An effective diet plan should also be incorporated in bodybuilding programs for women in order to get the desired result.

Bodybuilding Diet for Women

Bodybuilding that involves gaining muscles and strength, cannot be achieved without a proper diet. Daily calorie intake of a bodybuilding diet should also be monitored as excess calorie consumed will get converted into fat. Also, women, due to their anatomy, tend to store more fat than men. Therefore, the diet should be low in fat and cholesterol.

As we all know, muscles consists of proteins, so it is very important to have a high protein diet. To gain extra muscles, intake of proteins in sufficient amounts is essential. Proteins play a crucial role, not only to gain muscles, but also to repair damaged muscle tissues that may occur during exercise.

Diet Plan

A diet for women must be rich in healthy foods and there is no place for junk foods. Keep in mind, having 2 meals daily will certainly not fulfill bodybuilding nutrition. As women need to perform heavy weight training exercises to build muscles, adequate supply of nutrients is necessary from time to time. However, this is not possible by simply taking 2 meals. Instead, having 5-6 meals, each meal containing the right combination of high quality proteins and carbohydrates, can surely assist a woman’s bodybuilding goals. Firstly, carbohydrate intake should decrease gradually as the day progresses , whereas the amount of proteins in each meal should remain constant as they are crucial to stimulate muscle growth.

Diet Structure

As aforementioned, bodybuilders need to follow a balanced diet that is composed of 5-6 meals per day. This diet format is important to satisfy the increased energy needs of the body. A rigorous training routine for muscle-building requires higher calorie intake, which can be achieved by following a diet rich in carbohydrates and healthy proteins. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner should include these nutrients in appropriate proportions. A detailed structure of pre-contest bodybuilding diet for women is given below:

Breakfast: Eggs, being a rich protein source can be included in the breakfast. Egg whites, and fruits for carbohydrates can be ideal for breakfast. Women can also eat whole wheat toast bread and a slice of cheese (low-fat), for breakfast. Fish or broiled chicken are also a good choice for breakfast, as these foods are high in proteins.

Lunch: A lower fat lunch is important but make sure it is packed with proteins. Tuna fish is certainly preferred by many women bodybuilders during lunch. A tuna sandwich made from wheat bread can definitely serve the purpose. Tomato and lettuce slices, along with low-fat yogurt, can also be eaten during lunch.

Dinner: As proteins are an integral part of a bodybuilding diet, women can have salmon or broiled chicken during lunch. Ensure that the chicken is not baked or fried. Salmon, also referred to as the perfect bodybuilding food, provides high protein quality. Having 5-6 pieces of salmon, supplemented by fresh steamed vegetables or baked potato can be an ideal combination for lunch.

The other 2-3 meals should consists of fruits and cheese. Protein shakes (bodybuilding supplements) in between meals( especially after a workout) are popular choice for bodybuilders. Drinking sufficient water can have a positive effect on bodybuilding as well. Women serious about bodybuilding need to consume 8-10 glasses of water daily to stay well hydrated.

Although bodybuilding diets are high in protein, women need to consume lean protein that can be obtained from eggs, broiled chicken, or fish. Also, protein consumption has to between 0.8-1.0 gm of protein, per pound a woman weighs. Including vegetables and fruits in every meal is equally important for sufficient intake of carbohydrates and to increase energy levels. Diets for women bodybuilders should never contain carbonated beverages. Instead, water and green tea can be a good option to enhance fluid intake.

Bodybuilding diets work only when they contain proteins and carbohydrates in appropriate amounts. Also, besides diet, proper bodybuilding diet, join a weight training program to promote muscle growth.